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  1. 7 Sep 2018

    New research shows YouTube dominates in Malta as EU Parliament nears Copyright vote

    Some online platforms such as YouTube avoid or pay very little to music creators due to legal ambiguity

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  2. 6 Sep 2018

    Music stars perform live outside Google HQ in fight to protect future of music online

    1 million streams on YouTube generates as little as £540 for the artist

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  3. 5 Sep 2018

    Stars celebrate urban music scene at the KA & GRM Daily Rated 2018 Awards

    PRS for Music supports Track Of The Year

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  4. 24 Aug 2018

    PPL and PRS for Music support 2018 Gramophone Awards

    PPL and PRS for Music sponsor the Contemporary Award

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  5. 15 Aug 2018

    PRS for Music announces four senior appointments

    Sami Valkonen, Claire Jarvis and Barney Hooper appointed Director of International, Director of Membership and Director of Communications and Marketing while Rachael Naylor promoted to Director of Distributions and Operations

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  6. 17 Jul 2018

    Concord and ICE announce direct deal

    The third independent music publisher to join ICE this year

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  7. 11 Jul 2018

    PRS for Music brings educational event to music makers in Exeter

    Speakers include Muncie Girls’ singer Lande Hekt and PRS Foundation’s Maxie Gedge

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  8. 10 Jul 2018

    PRS for Music and Yorkshire Music Forum bring expert advice to music makers in Sheffield

    Speakers include composer Heather Fenoughty and Think Sync’s Connie Farr

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  9. 5 Jul 2018

    PRS for Music statement: EU copyright vote outcome

    MEPs voted on the Copyright Directive in Strasbourg today and failed by a small majority to authorise the process whereby the European Union Council, Commission and Parliament negotiate a final text for passage into law

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  10. 30 Jun 2018

    200 female songwriters assemble to #GETHEARD and address gender disparity in songwriting

    Only 17% of songwriters are women

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