What do you need a licence for?

Purchasing a PRS for Music licence helps you legally use or play music. Use the list below to find the licence you need.

Licences that cover music when played at one of the following:

  • charity or community building
  • cinema
  • club
  • educational establishment
  • exhibition
  • hair & beauty company
  • health practice
  • hotel or guesthouse
  • leisure, sport and fitness facility
  • mobile business
  • office or factory
  • pub or bar
  • restaurant or café
  • shop
  • sports ground or stadia
  • transport business

This also includes music that's played on the phone to customers while on hold.

Playing music at work

Licences to cover the following uses:

  • retail audio products, such as CDs and vinyl
  • audio products that are music promotions
  • joint imports
  • magazine and newspaper covermounts
  • specialist music products, such a music quiz compilations
  • limited manufacture products
  • vinyl copy codes
  • audio-visual products, such as DVDs
  • digital memory devices, such as USBs
  • supplying background music to businesses 
  • recording music to play at an exhibition
  • supplying music to fitness instructors

Releasing music products

Using MCPS Production Music

Production/Library music companies produce music for licensing into soundtracks for TV, film, advertising, radio, trailers and other media outlets. Please follow the link below for a full listing of our MCPS Production Music members and relevant tariffs.

Using production music

Using commercial music

If you are using commercial music in your film, advert, video game or other audio visual production, please follow the link below for more information on our track clearing service. 

Using commercial music 

Licences that cover: 

  • digital music services
  • podcasts
  • ringtones and ringbacks
  • online advertising

Using music online

Licences that cover:

  • putting on a live event
  • DJs performing mixes they've burned onto a digital device

Live performances

Licences to use music on:

  • commercial radio
  • community radio
  • hospital radio
  • long-term radio, such as for student campus, an army base or prison
  • short-term radio that's OFCOM-licensed
  • radio adverts

We also provide licences for independent radio production companies. 

Broadcasting music on radio

Licences for:

  • TV broadcasters
  • independent production companies

Broadcasting music on TV

If you're launching a digital music service that will be available in the UK and any other European territory.

Online licences outside the UK