Commercial radio licence

Who needs this licence

Commercial radio stations that are broadcasting on AM, FM, DAB, cable or satellite, including online simulcasts.

What this licence covers

This licence covers the right to:

  • broadcast and simulcast our members' music from the UK
  • provide on demand content for up to 30 days after its original broadcast
  • copy commercial works into programmes
  • copy production music into programmes and trailers
  • copy music for broadcast onto databases and servers

This is a summary of the rights covered by this licence. See the Terms and Conditions for more details, including relevant exceptions and limitations.

How we calculate the licence fee

The licence fees are calculated as a percentage of the station’s annual Net Broadcasting Revenue (NBR), plus an annual royalty fee.

Annual royalty fees*

*for year ending 30 September 2019
Annual Net Broadcasting Revenue
Royalty Fee
Up to £116,283
Between £116,283 and £290,708 £192
Between £290,708 and £753,075
Between £753,075 and £1,506,152
Between £1,506,152 and £3,488,501
Greater than £3,488,501 £4,477

Annual royalty rate*

*for year ending 30 September 2019

Annual Net Broadcast Revenue

Royalty Rate

Up to £32,460 £972
Between £32,460 and £753,075

Between £753,075 and £1,506,153

Greater than  £1,506,153
Speech based 1%

Annual minimum fee

If your station’s NBR for the year ending 30 September 2019 is less than £32,460 the fee will be £1,036.

Apply for a licence

Please complete the application form and email to or post to:

Radio licensing
Broadcast and Online
PRS for Music
2 Pancras Square
Kings Cross

Contact us

If you need advice or have any questions about your application, please email or call our licensing team on +44 (0)20 3741 4180.