As a festival organiser, you must ensure you have the correct licences in place to stage your event covering all relevant sites for the duration of the festival. Our licence will give you the legal permission you need to play the songs you want at your event.*

How can PRS for Music help me play music at a festival?

  • Submitting programme and set list details guarantees an accurate assessment of your fees. You will only be charged for the music we control or that of our affiliated societies.
  • You will have a hotline direct to music licensing specialists.
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How are PRS for Music charges assessed?

We use over 40 tariffs to ensure suitable charges are applied. The tariffs which may relate to your live venue/concert are:

If you're playing music in other ways or areas, additional charges may apply.

Further information for copying, broadcasting or using music online 

Many of our tariffs have been negotiated with national trade associations or representative bodies. In a few cases, PRS for Music tariffs have been set by the Copyright Tribunal. PRS for Music will apply the nearest equivalent wherever particular performances do not fit the exact scope of a standard tariff.

How do I get a licence?

If you need a new licence for a live music venue or you are putting on a concert at a venue not already licensed by PRS for Music, please contact us on 0203 741 3621 or email live.newbusiness@prsformusic.com

If you are putting on a concert in a music venue that already holds a PRS for Music licence, this event should be declared to us by the venue and all charging will be arranged through them.

If you have a query regarding an existing venue or concert licence please contact us on 0345 300 6033 or email live.musiclicence@prsformusic.com

Alternatively, fill in your details below and we will direct your query to the correct department so that they can contact you.

What is the process?

  • Festival organisers need to ensure they have the correct licences to stage their event. Licences are needed for all relevant sites featuring performances over the duration of the festival.
  • A licence should be applied for in advance of the festival taking place. PRS for Music will contact to obtain actual music details. We will use this information to calculate the charges due.
  • Programme and set list forms can be submitted electronically (or posted) for all live performances of music under the relevant PRS for Music public performance tariff.

Are there any circumstances where I may not need a licence?

  • We do not control dramatico-musical works. Permission must be sought direct from the publisher or other copyright owner.
  • PRS for Music has a number of discretionary charging policies which define circumstances in which we choose not to make a charge for our licence.

* licenses cover the majority of music originating from the UK and all over the world. However, if you play music outside of PRS for Music’s control, you may need an additional licence from the relevant copyright owner(s). You will also require a TV licence if you are using a TV in your premises. In the unlikely event that all the music you play is out of copyright or is not controlled by PRS for Music, you do not need a PRS for Music licence. In some cases you may also require a licence from PPL. PPL collects and distributes royalties on behalf of record companies and performers. Further info at ppluk.com. All music licences are required under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. It stipulates you must gain the permission of the copyright owner if you play music in public (anywhere outside the home environment).