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MCPSA range of licenses for the copying of music into physical audio and audio visual products.




Retail Audio Products: AP1 and AP2 Licences
We offer two main licences for companies that manufacture or distribute audio-only products for retail sale – AP1 and AP2.

Audio Products: Music Promos (AP4)
The Music Promotions to Trade licence allows you to manufacture and distribute audio and audio-visual products for the promotion of a CD single or album release to individuals or companies operating in the music industry.

Joint Import Licence (JIL)
The Joint Import Licence (JIL) allows you to import audio, audio-visual, karaoke, toy and novelty products into the UK.

Magazine/Newspaper Covermounts (AP7/AP7N/GI7/GI7N)
Our range of covermount licences allow you to manufacture and distribute products (CDs and DVDs) to the public with a magazine or a newspaper for sale in the UK.

Specialist Music Products (SG6)
The SG6 licence allows you to manufacture and distribute customised music products. 

Limited Manufacture Licence (LM)
The Limited Manufacture Licence is quick, affordable and grants you ‘blanket’ permission to legally use any music in your own CDs, DVDs or videos.

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