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Independent production companies - radio 

Formerly the BR5 Agreement, the independent production company licence allows production companies to use our members’ repertoire in their audio productions.

Who is this licence for?

Independent radio production companies using commercial or production music in their audio productions

How to apply

Download our Independent production company application pack

What is the independent radio production company licence?

The PRS for Music Independent production company licence allows the Licensee the non-exclusive right to:

  • Produce audio only productions incorporating repertoire in the UK only.
  • Produce audio only productions including: radio programmes and presentation material; trailers for forthcoming programming; jingles; and station idents.
  • Make copies of programmes, and
  • Subsequently exploit copies of such programmes Worldwide.


  • Inclusion of any advertising or sponsorship messages of whatsoever nature.
  • Inclusion of any musical arrangements or adaptations, including using music with lyrics which were not written for use with that music and vice versa.
  • Any sampling of the music and/or lyrics or reproduction in the form of a sample of the music and/or lyrics.
  • Any broadcast or communication to the public of any work.
  • Public performance of the works.

This licence does not cover restricted acts undertaken by the recipient of the programmes - e.g. the broadcast or communication to the public of music contained in the programmes or any additional copying of music made or authorised by the recipient.

Programmes may only be supplied to domestic or overseas radio broadcasters that hold a valid Performing Rights Society licence (or equivalent for the relevant territory).

Licence Fees

Where a producer receives a direct lump-sum payment from a UK or overseas radio broadcaster other than the BBC (unless the conditions above are not met) or a third-party sponsor for the supply of an original or existing radio programme into which PRS for Music members' repertoire has been recorded, a percentage of the gross revenue from that commission or sale is payable to PRS for Music.

The royalty payable for each production will be 10% of gross revenue, pro-rated according to the amount of members’ repertoire recorded and calculated on the following basis:

Total duration of member music in programme divided by Total duration of programme, multiplied by 10% of gross revenue

PRS for Music require the sum of £1,000 (plus VAT) as a non-returnable annual advance payment to cover royalties which are expected to accrue. This payment will be offset against subsequent royalties that accrue. Programme sales are reported within 28 days of the end of each quarter and royalties invoiced quarterly.

For example, an hour long programme is sold for £100. It contains half an hour of PRS for Music members’ repertoire. Therefore, the royalty due would be 5% of £100, or £5.

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