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Our membership, in excess of 125,000, includes rock and pop writers, classical composers, TV and film score composers, library music creators and music publishers.

Songwriters and composers

Our songwriter and composer members span every musical genre and range from some of the world’s biggest musical acts, exporting their music round the globe, to those who provide music for Britain’s advertising, TV, film, fashion and video games industries.

Music publishers

Our publisher members range from multinational corporations right down to small private companies representing just one or two songwriters. Between them, they oversee music catalogues that span every genre, past and present.

Publishers deal with songs and musical compositions rather than recordings of them, holding a unique position in the music business. They play an important role in seeking out and supporting talent, and help maximise the use, and royalty income, from the music they publish on behalf of their clients.

Every UK publisher registers most of the repertoire of their client songwriters and composers with us and we work with them to ensure that royalties are correctly received and paid.

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