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We deal with vast amounts of rights ownership and music usage data each day, on systems that are upgraded continually to meet the demands of a changing operating environment.  Sometimes things go wrong.  When they do, we strive to put them right as quickly as possible.

Code of Conduct for members and licensees

Our Code of Conduct sets out the service standards that our members and licensees can expect from us.

We have teams on hand to answer member or licensee queries and resolve issues before they become a problem.

In the event of a problem, if a member or licensee feels that we have not acted in their best interests, they can complain formally through our complaints procedure. Please visit page 18 (if you are a member) or 36 (if you are a licensee) of our Code of Conduct to find out how to do this.

If you have a specific complaint or query, you can contact us directly here:

Member complaints

Licensee complaints

If we fail to resolve or deal with a complaint to a member or music user’s satisfaction, the member or user can refer  the unresolved complaint to Ombudsman Services, who provide an independent, free of charge,  complaint  investigation service. Please visit page 19 (if you are a member) or 37 (if you are a licensee) of our Code of Conduct to find out more about this and the types of complaint the Ombudsman has jurisdiction to investigate.

Visit the Ombudsman website to find out more about their role

If we can’t resolve a complaint ourselves, the member or licensee can take their complaint to Ombudsman Services, who provide independent oversight of our dispute resolution service.

Find out more at www.ombudsman-services.org/copyright.html

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